8/21/16: Membership Meeting + 99.1 KLBP-FM Fundraising Update

Let’s make History together! Join us in bringing Community Radio to Long Beach!

The Long Beach Community TV & Media Corporation’s 501(c)(3) Board of Directors challenge you to become a part of History as we move toward building a Low-powered FM Community Radio Station in Long Beach. We want YOU to take ownership and pride in KLBP-FM. We need your help laying the foundation for this station, so come prepared to share your vision for KLBP and feel free to bring a friend, neighbor, or your family! This is your station!

Join us for a Membership Meeting on August 21st, 2016 from 5-7PM at The Expo Arts Center located at 4321 Atlantic Ave. Long Beach, CA 90807.
We will be discussing our capital goals and plans for an upcoming KLBP Fair and Fundraiser, including community workshops and more. If you are interested in volunteering or being involved please fill out our interest form.

At time of mass infotainment, where our society is increasingly misinformed and misled by corporate media, it’s crucial that we champion freedom of speech; free from corporate manipulation. It’s a time to step forward and take part in building strong community radio in Long Beach!

We’d be remiss not to mention, that it’s recently come to our attention, that some members may have been discouraged from continuing with the Long Beach Radio Project due to recent threats of legal action against our current Board of Directors—and that some of you may have personally been targeted and threatened with legal action. If you have been led to believe there is a restraining order in effect against our members, please know that this information is false and designed to mislead. There has been no such action granted by the court, and so we keep moving forward in building a station. Rest assured that our legal team is working to take appropriate action.

Because these stations are highly coveted and their systems, transmitters, and tower can eventually be sold for profit, lawsuits of this kind are par for the course. The information sent to members that two people hold 65% ownership of the license is the result of fraudulent paperwork filed by those individuals. We intend to hold these individuals accountable. If you have received any legal threats, please contact us immediately at

To understand why this is happening, it’s important to know what’s at stake:

For the first time in over a decade, the FCC has granted licenses for new Low Powered FM stations to community benefit non-profit organizations. Out of several thousand applicants, LBCTMC prevailed. However, that is just one small step in the process of building community station. We must now rise together to meet our fundraising challenges together!

My promise to you and this organization is to ensure that this station always belongs to our community. So again, I invite you to join me and our Board of Directors in taking the next step toward building vibrant, strong, and diverse radio in Long Beach.

Upward and Onward,

Ashley Aguirre
Interim President, LBCTMC

Board of Directors
Ashley Aguirre
Judy Baker
Liza Mitchell
Mony Sing
Alex Thong
Doug Wood



JULY 19, 2016


LONG BEACH, Calif — Long Beach Community Television and Media Corporation (LBCTMC), the group spearheading efforts for a low powered FM Long Beach radio station, announced today that recently appointed director and Long Beach resident, Ashley Aguirre, will step in as interim President of the organization.

Aguirre, who currently works for Culture COLLiDE, (a boutique culture agency, festival creation company and travel magazine) hails from a world of music marketing. In the past she has worked for Fingerprints Music and Los Angeles based music promoter Spaceland Productions (The Echo, Echoplex, and The Regent).

“Ashley brings with her a high level of integrity, ethics, and organizing abilities. Her deeply rooted connections with diverse community organizations and businesses will provide an opportunity to strengthen LBCTMC’s connections with the same. We are looking forward to her balanced and all inclusive style of leadership with our nonprofit as well as the community radio project,” said longtime LBCTMC Secretary Judy Baker.

“My commitment to this project is rooted in the belief that the person who sees him/herself reflected in his/her community, is most likely to engage with that community. KLBP will always belong to the people of Long Beach. As a board, we want to ensure that this platform for community discussion, objective reporting, storytelling, and diverse music programming thrives for generations to come,” said Aguirre.



LBCTMC was granted a construction permit by the Federal Communications Commission to build a low power FM station last December and is expected to begin on-air broadcasts May 2017. The group formed in 2009 and previously helped form PADNET, the city’s public access digital network.

The LBCTMC Board of Directors is comprised of :

Ashley Aguirre (Interim President)

Judy Baker (Secretary)

Doug Wood (Interim Treasurer)

Liza Mitchell

Mony Sing

Alex Thuong

John Trapper

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For media inquiries and additional information, please contact :

Liza Mitchell | (310)489-8998