KLBP_LOGOKLBP is a project of Long Beach Public Media and is governed by its Board of Directors. The low-power FM station is slated to broadcast late Fall of 2018 at 99.1 FM throughout West Long Beach and the greater Downtown area. Although our initial FCC construction permit limits our broadcast range, we’ve made it a priority to run a companion online stream to make programming accessible to all residents. The stream is expected to begin Summer 2018.

Board of Directors

Ashley Aguirre, President
Jordan Fitzpatrick, Vice President, Studio Operations Chair
Stacy Dupée, Secretary, Membership Committee Chair
Jeanne Kyle, Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair
David Alpern, Grants & Resources Committee
Judy Baker, Founding Director, Membership Committee 
Melanie Hiller, Programming Committee
Mony Sing, Finance Committee 
Alex Thong, Khmer Programming
Doug Wood, Studio Operations Committee


How do I get my show on the air?

LBPM encourages interested talent to start producing their own segments and using free streaming services to begin sharing with community members. If you are interested in learning or contributing a show, or being part of the programming committee, please complete the form below:


Who makes decisions involving KLBP?

The Long Beach Public Media Board of Directors, its committees, and general membership dictate policy and guidelines. The BOD answers to and is elected by its general membership. Elections are held annually.

How do I become a member?

You can become a member of Long Beach Public Media by clicking here.  Your membership will be automatically conferred upon payment*.  Membership dues are currently $50 annually. Members are entitled to vote on policies related to KLBP and LBPM action items after ninety (90) consecutive days of membership.

*LBPM reserves the right to reject the membership of individuals with cause. If your membership is rejected, you will receive automatically be issued a refund along with an email notice.